Wealth Planning


Senior couple sitting by lake


You've worked hard, made good financial decisions, and now you're thinking of your future. 

So, what is your next step? 

Contact us. We will walk you step-by-step through our planning process and
provide you with a customized strategy to help you work toward your goals.


Here are some important questions we will help you consider:

-  Will your income needs change in retirement?
-  Can you use your assets to provide income?
-  How can you use assets in a tax-efficient manner?

-  How are your investments structured?
-  Are your investments appropriate for your age, risk tolerance, and long-term needs?
-  Are you taking too much risk?  Or not enough risk?

Estate Planning
-  Do I have any estate planning issues?
-  What do I want to leave behind when I'm gone?
-  Do I have any digital assets?
-  Have I selected a trustee?

Health Care/Long-Term Care
-  How can you prepare for the unexpected, such as a sudden death in the family?
-  What if one of us gets sick and needs long-term care?




You are unique.  Your financial strategy should be too. 

Perhaps you are saving for college or for a house on the lake, traveling with your spouse, giving your kids or grandkids a better future, improving your community, or taking more time for yourself.  Stifel's financial planning process will guide you in your financial choices. 


Our six-step process as shown in the graphic here can really
be broken down into three simple steps:


Stifel, Financial Advisor, Lynchburg Virginia, retirement planning processTalk – You talk, we listen.  Then we'll help you design a strategy to pursue those goals.


Act – This is where we start implementing your customized investment strategy.  We will monitor your investments with you and help keep track of your progress toward your goals.  As your life changes, we will help you adjust your strategy accordingly.


Live – Go live your life with confidence.


Learn more about our investment selection process, HERE.